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Staff Changes

We wish to advise our patients that Dr Natalie Fonda is leaving our practice to further her medical career in Melbourne.  Nat will be finishing at Christmas and we wish her all the best for her future. She has been a highly respected addition to our practice and will be sorely missed.

We would like to welcome our new doctor – Dr Alexandra (Ali) Gehrmann (MBBS, BSc, DRANZCOG) to GPCare. 

Ali completed her medical training at the University of Qld in 2014. She has spent the last 5 years working on the Sunshine Coast across a number of different hospitals and specialties. She enjoys all aspects of general practice from antenatal care to geriatric medicine. Outside of work, Ali enjoys surfing, travel and art.

Ali will be joining our team on 20th January 2020.

45 -49-year-old health checks

GP Care is encouraging its 45 to 49 year olds to undertake a health check. This is a great opportunity to visit your GP, which may be something that you haven’t done for quite some time, in order to have a comprehensive look at how well you are going. We will cover any concerns that you may have along with looking at your health parameters, including height , weight, blood pressure  and assessing your risk for diabetes. We will offer screening blood tests if appropriate based on your personal and family history. You will spend approximately 10 – 20 minutes with one of our nurses and then a similar length of time with your GP. This is all bulk billed  and so will come at no cost to yourself. Our intention is to pick up early signs of chronic diseases before they become problematic for you. If you are interested  please book and appointment and let the receptionist know that it is for a 45-49 year old health check. See how healthy you really are!

My Health Record

You will no doubt have been hearing these words floating around on the radio, seen adverts on TV and maybe have seen posters up at the doctor’s surgery and be wondering what does it mean.  My Health Record is a way of storing your relevant medical information on the I-Cloud so that it is available for use by other Doctors and hospitals anywhere in Australia. It includes key points of your medical history, your current medication list, any immunisations that have been given to you and recorded and also a list of your known allergies. It does not list a reason for every visit you have had to a doctor or hospital unless that reason is considered important enough to be included in your medical history. Your GP will be able to show you what your own My Health Record will look like next time you visit. If you are unhappy with items that appear on this record you can discuss this with your GP and these items do not need to be included. It is worth noting that the more information on your My Health Record the safer it is for you should you need to see someone other than your own GP, for instance a visit to an emergency department in a hospital or a visit to a GP when you are travelling away from your own area.

A main area of concern for patients is the safety of their personal information and the risk of non medical entities accessing their file. The information is stored on the I-Cloud and subject to full government restrictions. The penalties for misuse of this system are severe.

If you are interested in hearing more about My Health Record before the automatic upload is undertaken in November 2018, please come in and ask.

Pneumococcal vaccination

The National Immunisation Program has released its recommendations for vaccination of Australians against Pneumococcal disease with PNEUMOVAX 23. Streptococcus pneumoniae is a bacteria that causes disease like ear infection and pneumonia in adults and children. Vaccination of Australians 65 and over has been done for many years now, but other Australians are also eligible for a government subsidised vaccine. GPCare would encourage you to ask the doctor about your eligibility for a PNEUMOVAX 23 next time you are in.

HIV Prevention Medication

Are you worried you may be at risk of contracting HIV? Men who have sex with men and people who inject drugs are not the only ones at risk of HIV.

  • Unprotected heterosexual intercourse with multiple partners?
  • Have you had unprotected intercourse with someone from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, or the Americas in the last 3 months?


If so, please come and make an appointment to discuss the new medication available and funded by the Australian Government.


The NDIS has finally come to the sunshine coast region. The idea behind it, is to help support Australians whom have a permanent disability that affects their everyday life. It targets Australian citizens or resident visa holders aged 7-64.  Other services assist under 7 and over 64.

When you make an appointment with your regular GP to complete the Access Request form please inform reception so they can allocate an appropriate amount of time for the form to be completed. Please bring any information you have about your support needs, and in particular, services/items that you are hoping to apply for. The NDIS will only cover aids eg wheelchairs, items like prosthetic limbs, home modifications, personal care or domestic care to assist people exiting the health system to live independently or therapies needed because of your impairment.  Your condition needs to be fully treated to apply to the NDIS.

Smoking Cessation

With the recent increase in the cost of cigarettes there has never been a better time to see your Doctor about ‘quitting’. The doctors at GPCare Medical Centre can advise you on the best way to stop smoking for good and where appropriate, prescribe medication to assist you with this important step to improve your health

Planning a Holiday?

If you are lucky enough to be planning an overseas trip don’t forget to book an appointment to discuss your vaccination needs. Whether travelling overseas or locally, it is a good idea to come and see your doctor to make sure that you have all the necessary prescriptions to cover your time away.

4 year old health checks


This involves a short visit with one of our Practice Nurses followed by a consultation with your Doctor. The 4 year old vaccinations are done during this visit. Please advise reception when booking that it is for a ‘4 year old check’ and vaccination.

Skin Checks

Just because Summer is over it doesn’t mean you should stop looking after your skin and being “Sunsmart”.

It is also a great time to schedule a Skin Check with one of the Doctors at GPCare Medical Centre.

Skin Checks are Bulk Billed. Should you need a procedure following your skin check there may be an out of pocket expense, however, your Doctor will discuss this with you.

GPCare Medical Centre – Working with you for a healthy future.